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        Video Fiber Microscoper Serial Products
        LED-UV Curing Lamp
        Fiber Cleaning Product
        Grinding Cushion
        Bare Fiber Adapter
        Textile Thread Scissors
        Fiber Partition Pen
        Decrustation Pliers Of Fiber Coating
          20C, Longtao Pavilion, Nanyou Jujian Town, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
        Contact person:
          MS. Yu
        Mr. Lin Mrs. wei
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        Based on scientific research institutions and with a number of high-quality development, technology, production management personnel. Shenzhen Yiyang Xinguang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specialized in producing special equipment for optical fiber communication under the guidance of photoelectric experts and professional professor, by superb machining technology, we develop new products constantly for satisfying different levels customer demand.

        Combining develop, production, marketing and after service, we mainly provide optical fibre magnifier series and corollary equipment. In addition to the sale of the company independently developed products, we also can develop the products in accordance with customer needs, and act as an agent for internationally famous brand products. In the past five years, the company, with the most honest services, won the trust of colleagues. For the future, the company will provide the customer with fast, efficient, honest and quality service, and work hard to open up markets by brave in innovating and enterprising spirit。

        The main products are as following:
        1. All kinds of desktop magnifier with fiber optic video (Plain type、multi-multiplying power and multifunction type、wide-field type、axial regulation type and so on.
        2. Hand-held (trestle type) video magnifier for distribution frame of telecom equipment room;
        3. Modular optical-fiber magnifier;
        4. Special modular cleaning machine;
        5. All kinds of optical-fiber wiring snap ring (CABLE MARKERS);
        6. Fault locating instrument for optical-fiber;
        7. High quality bare-optical adapter
        8. Coupler series
        9. Special abrasive paper and polishing paper for fiber patch cord;
        10. Special grinding cushion for muller
        11. Curing oven
        12. Japan stainless steel thimble
        13. SMA optical fibre connector
        14. 2.5 to 1.25 male and female adapter
        15、Testing instrument
        16. Act as an agent for American cleaning product, EPOXY glue product, Miller fiber tool and so on.

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